About Us

We're the Campbell family, two adults and three young munchkins trying to live a little more sustainably while having a lot of fun (and putting in lots of hard work) along the way!  Anna is also the author of "Honeycomb Kids" a book that has gone global with its message about raising children who will be able to do good & well in a world with more than 7 billion people on board.

We live 3 hours north of Sydney on 90 acres at Honeycomb Valley Farm, and we share our adventures and natural products and produce with farmstay guests, farmers market customers, coach tour groups and on special open days. If you are travelling through Nabiac you can find many of our products 7 days a week at the Nabiac Nook (bright pink building in the main street of Nabiac).

On our farm you'll find a a menagerie of much-loved animals (sheep, alpacas, dairy goats, horses, chooks and more). We use solar ovens for cooking as well as melting the beeswax we use in our natural balms, and we have developed a 5 acre useful plant garden that is also home to our Bee Motel which is set up for all sorts of different Aussie bee species. Our "Hens on Holidays" chickens live in caravans and the cutest cows you'll ever see help us keep the grass down and provide us with great manure which we use to improve the soil. 

We run an award-winning two-cottage farmstay, invite bus tour groups for sun-baked morning teas and lunch tours, and make right here on the farm our own line of natural beauty products (Farmerceuticals) using our sun-melted beeswax, raw goat's milk and other organic ingredients. From moisturising goats milk soap to our Farm Balm natural moisturiser, lip balms and natural insect repellent stick, you'll find something so lovely and natural you'll wonder why you ever put those industrially-manufactured products on your skin.

We hope you enjoy your own journey into living more sustainably and capably!