Cheer Up, It's Going to Get Worse

This is a great read: Cheer Up It's Going to Get Worse. Peak oil describes a scenario, perhaps already unfurling, in which the easy days of oil-based society are over, a scenario in which global oil production has peaked and in which every barrel of crude oil drawn from the earth from that point forth is more difficult to extract than the barrel before it.

Inspiring Reading + Warning Bells

This year's commencement address at Portland University given by Paul Hawkens is incredibly eloquent, evocative and inspirational.  READ IT!

Scientists warn of climate catastrophe. The world faces a growing risk of "abrupt and irreversible climatic shifts" as fallout from global warming hits faster than expected, according to research by international scientists released Thursday.

Mega Cities, Mega Disasters, Mega Solutions

NEW HYDROGEN-POWERED CITY CAR UNVEILED: A former motor-racing engineer has unveiled a prototype of a new hydrogen-powered city car which claims to emit less than one third of the carbon emissions produced by its nearest rival.

Wind Power, People Power & Financial Power

High altitude winds could power New York City

Man-made climate change threatens to stress water resources, challenge crops and livestock, raise sea levels and adversely affect human health, according to a report released by the Obama ad

A Renaissance for the World + today's headlines that matter

Our World Needs a New Renaissance - This is an article about getting over all the bad news and adapting, about how to put some of the things humanity has gotten wrong, right. It's by John Thornton, named by the New Statesman as one of the top 10 people to change the world.

Power Plant Executive Threatened by Activists

Power Plant executive in Victoria (Australia) threatened by activists,25197,25639194-12377,00.html

I'm posting this story on its own as I think it's worthy of some thought.  Having only woken up to environmental and social issues in the last few years, and being just an ordinary mum-type citizen, it was interesting to read today of the tactics of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) who - according to themselves: "Use economic sabotage and gueril

Good News Bad News


GREEN YOUR PET: When it comes to pets, most of us haven't thought of how our four-legged pals' lifestyles impact the environment.

Start Your Day with Good News, Bad News

Good news, bad news!  Which do you want first?

Lucky for you, there's only good news in our first blog!

There are lots of sites about Peak Oil, Climate Change, Pandemics, Globalisation and the financial crisis, and between them, they contain enough forboding news to make some people want to jump off a cliff!  But through this blog we're hoping to bring you a balance of the good and the bad so you can increase your knowledge and stay up to date with the headlines that matter, while also hearing about the good stuff that will help you, your family, your business and community prepare for a

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