Delicious Coastal Grey Ironbark Honey - In Season Now

Yumarama! Our favourite farm honey is back on the shelves with some lovely harvests coming in from our bees on the farm. Coastal Grey Ironbark is a delicate, summery honey, smooth and sweet without being overly sweet. Delish and 100% raw honey !

Honey Beekeeping Course this Sunday 23rd Nov - Last minute vacancy for 1-2 people!

Want to learn bekeeping? We have a couple of spots which have just opened up for this full day course at the farm. If you'd like to book in - just let us know! 

More details here.

But the basics are:

9am-3pm with classroom and in the apiary field work. Learn all about keeping bees including spin honey so you can see the whole process and bottle your own jar. $185pp includes a great book that will help refresh your knowledge of all you have learned. 


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Thanks to Farmhouse Direct, we are able to offer you FREE SHIPPING until tomorrow night through our Farmhouse Direct Store.

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Come for a tour or a farmstay, here's why...

We recently had a visit from travel writer Carla Grossetti, and the truth is, we're not a fancy resort or a super luxurious architect-designed farmstay, nor a place built off the back of investors who can sink in money to a venture, or who have an off-farm income to support it. And that's okay! Because what we are is one little family, just doing stuff (and that means you can too!).

In Carla's piece she wrote:

Yay! It's Honey season again!

Spent a lovely afternoon beekeeping with wwoofers Kate & Dave, and a meant-to-be-at-school-but-a-little-sick-9-year-old...not too sick to miss out on beekeeping though!

We were checking the bees for general health and to see how much honey they were bringing in. And it was good news! Lots of happy bees, lots of fresh honey, big wads of pollen and only a couple of small hive beetle which we were able to squash. We're also trying out another new organic trap to see if we can continue to keep numbers low for the 7th year running.

Green Lifestyle Magazine Awards 2014 at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability

So cool the other day to head to Sydney for the 2014 Green Lifestyle Magazine Awards. We were nominated in the Travel category and were so happy to come away with the Highly Commended to the winner G Adventures for our work with native bees and education around sustainability, plants with a purpose and more.

Oldhamii Bamboo - A clumping bamboo with lots of great uses

We love Oldhamii Bamboo!

It's a beautiful tall and lush green bamboo that clumps, so it's not invasive.

It provides high protein leaves that the farm goats, alpacas, sheep and miniature galloway cows really enjoy.

The bamboo shoots are edible by humans and taste great.

It can be used in non-structural crafts, for thick stakes and plenty more.

And today...we were able to use it to make a flagpole for the farm!

New kids obstacle course opens in time for school holiday fun at Nabiac near Forster

Uh oh, what does watching Ninja Warrior do to farm kids when combined with their farmer father's love of building things... welcome to the new o-BEE-stacle course!

Opened just in time for the school holidays, the low level course challenges balance, strength and patience for kids. And kids need lots of small challenges in their lives to help them grow and feel good about themselves.

Clover honey, lavender must be spring!

Spring has definitely sprung at the farm and the sound of bees buzzing in the clover and the lavender is just delightful. Some people think clover is a weed, but to bees it's great nectar, to soil it's great nitrogen, and to all our grazing animals it's like a Michelin-starred dessert. Nectar from clover produces a stunningly pale, straw-coloured honey and it's a beautiful match with Coastal Grey Ironbark honey which is also prolific here on the farm. Yum! 

Cutest goat picture ... because she's the cutest goat!

We adore goats because they are so inquisitive, cheeky, funny, bold and gentle. We enjoy them little and large...but just love one of our newest arrivals, little Freshie.

The goats on the farm give us milk, manure and entertainment! They eat up all the weeds and downed branches...oh...and when they get a chance - our gardens, fruit trees and whatever they find lying around.

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