Cosy Winter Holiday at the Farm

The temperature has dropped, and luckily so have a few branches which means we have lots of firewood to keep everyone cosy this winter. Not that it gets cold here like it does in the Blue Mountains or the Southern Highlands, but it gets chilly enough to make the fireplaces a much enjoyed holiday luxury.

Best Plants for Bees ?

Bees need a mix of nectar and pollen and they do wonderfully on Australian trees ranging from ironbark to yellowbox to tea tree ... but we don't all have a farm or a big backyard to plant up! So if you want to help paint a brighter future for bees, here are just a few of the smaller plants you can put in:

How to make liquid goats milk soap

Sick of using synthetic chemicals to clean your skin but love the convenience of liquid soap? You can make your own liquid soap so easily by grating our natural goats milk soap into a pump pack, adding water and giving it a really good shake. You could also add a few drops of tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil if you like if you are seeking some antibacterial properties.  

Award-winning natural Rosella Cordial, alpaca wool...& more

What do we love about this farming life? The sheer diversity of it! The different animals and their personalities and quirks, the different plants and their uses and scents, the different bees and their different wing buzz, and all the different people we get to meet and share with.

Goats Milk Soap Making Class - Learn how to make soap at our next course Thu May 8 2014

If you have ever wanted to learn how to make one of the trickiest - and most beautiful - soaps around...our next goats milk soap making course is being held on Thu 8 May. There are only a few places left already so if you'd like to book in to the goats milk soap class, check out some more details here and get in touch.

Pure beeswax balms filtered thanks to pure sunshine in the solar oven

Beeswax is a great humectant - which means it draws and traps moisture to the skin. A 100% natural product produced by bees, it's also the perfect base for organic moisturisers and balms and candles.

The pic below if of some freshly filtered beeswax from our farm which we use to make our products. We collect it when we collect the honey. Wash it. Then filter it using the solar oven. This means we don't create excess pollution when trying to melt it as it's all done naturally - how cool (or hot!) is that!

Another reason to take a holiday to the farm .... magnificent sunsets

This pic of the farm at sunset was taken by Rosa one of our current fabulous WWOOF crew. So beautiful and uplifting to get out under the big sky.

Free Shipping on our Farm Produce this Weekend only thanks to Farmhouse Direct

This weekend only (Sat 15 March 2014) you can get FREE SHIPPING on a range of our produce thanks to the fine folk at Farmhouse Direct and Australia Post. Click to our Honeycomb Valley Farmhouse Direct store here and enjoy loading up on goodies knowing you won't have to pay postage! Yay!

From our herbal teas to fresh raw honey, Rosella Cordial to our  natural beeswax balms and goats milk soaps - ooh yeh - and don't forget Vanilla Infused Honey and our Hot Habanero or Honey Chilli Sauce. Yum!

Nabiac Show - Saturday 22nd March 2014 - One of the most vibrant regional shows around!

Just 10 days until the 102nd Annual Nabiac Show! This is a great weekend to come for a holiday and farmstay because the show is just an authentic showcase of produce, livestock, equestrian and people!

From the dog, pet and fantastic-to-watch horse events to entertainment by Gleny Rae Virus and her Tamworth Playboys, through to the pie eating competition and the halls full of beautifully displayed flowers, herbs, cakes, chooks, photography, art and more.

Honey Mustard Recipe

The Healthy Little Hippie has been creating some great recipes with our all natural Honey Dijon Mustard. Here is her recipe for Honey Mustard Chicken using honey mustard from Honeycomb Valley Farm. 

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