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Have you ever seen a baby bee hive nursery?

Seeing a baby bee nursery is a little different to seeing all the babies lined up in a hospital maternity ward, but  you do get that same sense of wonder and excitement and peace. 

Honeycomb Valley Farmstay a Finalist in the NSW Tourism Awards

Yay! Received our little (or should I say "long") logo and letter today confirming that our farmstay is a finalist in the 2010 NSW Tourism Awards for hosted accommodation.

Mulberry Crumble Recipe

If it's October, it's Mulberry time at Honeycomb Valley Farm!  The big black mulberry tree was picked for hours last Friday as the kids's prepared their punnets to sell at the Gloucester Farmer's Market...it's the kids way of making some pocket money and a fantastic excuse to dye their hair purple and not get in trouble! A few years ago we also planted the white shahtoot mulberry and the red shahtoot, and it's amazing to taste the difference between the berries which have all come on about the same time.

A brief history of the farm

As we prepare to move over to our new website, I thought I'd save the old "hard-coded" information we used to put into the old site, which we will now do through our blog...couldn't quite just delete it all as it goes back to 2007 and is a good reminder for us of when we planted things, which animals were born and some other highlights.



September 2010

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