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Weekly Port Macquarie Farmers Market - Tuesdays 3pm-6pm at Port Central

Port Macquarie locals, we'll be coming your way Tuesday afternoons in March for the new weekly Real Food farmers market outside Port Central near The Glasshouse.

What a lovely first market with great customers interested in knowing all about the products on our stand from organically grown garlic to rosellas, tulsi to raw honey and our beetroot relish was enjoyed by all who tasted. It was fun to catch up with other growers like The Naked Farmers and Near River Produce too.

The Nabiac Show

Lots of fun at the Nabiac Show today with horse events, dog events, cattle, produce, crafts and plenty more. We had our stall as usual selling all our goodies and were visiting by some rather large honey loving birds as was our neighbour Evan from Talawahl Nursery!

Miniature Galloway cow bath time cuteness

Is it any wonder we love the miniature galloway breed of cattle so much? Gentle, hardy, no horns (polled) and practially irresistable with their cute factor! When we added to our foundation herd a few years ago with cattle from the Barefoot Miniature Galloway stud, we took on an older cow who went on to have a calf who we called Nick after one of the wwoofers.

Australian Native Bees with Tim Heard and Tony Goodrich

Enjoyed a fun afternoon today with Tim Heard (designer of one of the first man-made hives to house stingless native bees) and Tony Goodrich (native bee breeder extraordinaire). Love it when these two come to the farm .

A simple walk around the gardens and it was as though the bees came out to meet them! Fire-tailed resin bees, ground dwelling bees, blue-banded bees, lots of Tetragonula carbonaria - stingless native Australian bees, leafcutter bees and more, along with Italian honey bees of course.

Where to Buy Beeswax Candles in NSW ...we can help with that!

If you are looking for a 100% natural Australian beeswax candle then we can help.

The image below was taken by WWOOFER Kerry who spent a day making these beautiful candles with our beeswax.

Australian beeswax is amongst the purest in the world as we don't currently have the Varroa Mite pest that is being treated overseas with all sorts of synthetic chemicals.

When you burn an Australian beeswax candle, it's purity is amazing. 

Nabiac Farmers Market - "Revive" - Saturday Jan 31st 8am-1pm

Nabiac Farmers Market is going to be a cracker this Saturday with all sorts of extra activities and demonstrations and stalls. It's already a great little Farmers Market, but this weekend you can enjoy a whole load more.

Come early at 8am for great fresh produce, or join for lunch at 12 midday...sit down and enjoy a bite to eat and have a chat with all the stallholders. See you there!

Reuse Recycle Renovate .... Shipping Containers - Farmgate Shop, Accommodation

Recycling means a lot to us here at the farm, so reusing old caravans for chicken houses, and shipping containers for buildings makes a lot of sense. Why? Because you don't need to extract new materials from the earth to give yourself a roof, walls and floor.

We fitted out an old 40ft shipping container for our farmgate shop and for a few years have been designing and building a 20ft moveable accommodation pod known as 'Containgo'.

Ooh Yeh! The School Holiday fun at the farm has begun!

If you're looking for things to do near Forster Tuncurry Smiths Lake and Pacific Palms these summer holidays, or are travelling the Pacific Highway to Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour, why not come visit the farm at Nabiac where you can meet our farm animals in the petting zoo as well as learn about native Australian bees, taste delicious raw honey .... even go on a kids obstacle course that is lots of fun! Go on a tour to enjoy all this and learn about all the useful plants in the farm gardens too. Then enjoy a herbal tea on the deck.

Delicious honeycomb - fresh harvested today

There is nothing quite like fresh, raw, delicious honeycomb that has been built on new frames. The colour is so warm and the honeycomb itself so melt in the mouth delicious.

We choose not to harvest a lot of honeycomb during the year as it takes a lot of effort for the bees to produce the wax, so we just take a few frames out when there is a strong honeyflow on. And today's honeycomb tastes utterly divine!

We don't stock honeycomb all year round, so you need to get in quick if you'd like some. It really is nature's yum chewing gum!

Find us this December & January at these great NSW Farmers Markets

If you can't get to the farm gate shop (enter via Tenants Rd, Nabiac), we're packing in a few markets this December and January so you can get all your Christmas gifts (beeswax candles, goats milk soaps) and stock up on lots of delicious goodness for summer entertaining - Beetroot Relish, Raw Honey, Chilli Honey and that oh so irresistable vanilla honey. Not only that, but we've just made fresh batches of our organic Bee Off Bugs Balm and Itchy Bite Balms for any summer nasties you might encounter during the warm months.

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