Lip Balms

Lip BalmsWe don't buy our beeswax and honey in little pellets, we actually collect it ourselves from our hives, so we know how truly pure it is. As beekeepers, we use no chemicals, no antibiotics and we never feed our bees sugar syrups. Once we've collected the wax (and thank the bees by planting them more flowering plants to feed on!), the first step is for us to wash the wax with plain water. Once it's been washed, it becomes quite light and crumbly as it dries over the course of a day or two. Then we open up our solar oven, point it to the sky, and add a pot of water, a filter, and another pot on top in which we place the washed beeswax. The sun melts the wax, and it drips through the filter leaving any other debris behind. The wax then drips into the water below, collecting on the surface. Removing the pot from the sun oven, we let it cool and when it has - there is a beautiful disk of bright yellow beeswax floating on top of the water! Now it's time to grate it for use in our balms. It's a long, beautiful process, and it's soooo worth it! Honey and beeswax are natural humectants...that means they draw and trap moisture to the skin, they also have anti-bacterial properties and all round goodness! That's what we want on our family's lips and skin!!!! Something edible!!! So we add only organic ingredients and voila – beautiful balms that are good for you and good for the planet.