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Summer Holiday Farmstay NSW Booking Now

If you'd like to book in for a great summer holiday, our farmstay (just 3 hours north of Sydney, and even closer if you're on the Central Coast or Newcastle) gives you great hosted farm activities, has a solar heated pool and dam (with pedalboats) and is just 20 minutes to the beach if you'd like to head to the surf too. 

Farmstay Special: 3 Nights for the Price of 2* - August 2016 Only - Celebrating Our Trip Advisor Win!

We've just won a Platinum Award as a Trip Advisor Green Leader for 2016! And you can celebrate with us as we're putting on a Winter Special so you can come and enjoy all the environmental aspects of our little power, organic agriculture, recycled building materials, native bee sanctuary, handmade balms and candles, solar ovens, and so much more....and of course - gorgeous farm animals, gardens filled with interesting and useful plants - and lots of laughs!

AUGUST 2016 FARMSTAY SPECIAL - 3 Nights for the Price of 2

Book in for a Cosy, Eco-friendly, Fun & Relaxing Farmstay - Just 3hrs Easy Drive from Sydney

Today it finally feels like Autumn has arrived...just a little late seeing we're well into April!  Autumn and winter on the farm offer a refreshing getaway, crisp mornings and nights around the campfire or stay toasty around the fireplace in your cottage or the farmhouse.

Autumn and winter involve lots of activity on the farm, there are animals to care for ( alpacas, sheep, goats, miniature galloway cows, horses and chickens), as well as lots to involve yourself if you're into herbs, gardens, bushtucker and sustainable living - or you can just relax with a book.

How to Make a Scarecrow

You never quite know what will be happening on the farm when you arrive as a farmstay guest or a visitor to our tourism attraction near Forster - because there's always something different going on!

This was learning how to make a scarecrow - that's because a sneeky crow had been stealing eggs from one of our "Hens on Holidays" chicken caravan tractors.

So...Ben and Charlotte (wwoofers from England) set to work with some visitors to create a scarecrow. do you make a scarecrow?

Farmstay Guests Get into the Thick of Things

We are so lucky that over the years many of our guests have returned time and time again and become friends. 

See the Farmstay on Sydney Weekender - Sat Oct 29 at 5.30pm

A few months ago we had a lovely visit from the crew from Sydney Weekender (who joined us for a beekeeping course, breadmaking course and even a goat's milk & honey face mask from our "Farmerceuticals" range). So this Saturday afternoon we'll be heading in off the farm to see what our beautiful animals loook like in the lounge room rather than the paddock!  

Women's Yoga, Nutrition & Meditation Retreat 19th-21st August 2011...while hubby and kids have fun at the farmstay

If you're in the mood to relax and renew, how about a yoga retreat for you and farmstay fun for the hubby and kids?

About the Yoga Retreat (being run by our yogi friend Jodie Kennedy)

Whoo hoo! It’s Bushtucker Bunya Nut time!

The other night we met Noel Gogerly the Chairman of the Wallis Lake Fishermen’s Co-op when he came to the farm for a Rotary Meeting Dinner. When we were talking about how we had planted Bunya Nuts in our bushtucker area but they wouldn’t be ready for another 10+ years, he mentioned he had Bunya Nuts dropping all over the place at his Ellerslie Retreat down at Pacific Palms. The Bunya Nuts were planted down there more than 50 years ago and Noel had more than he knew what to do with.

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