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December Farmers Markets 2016

If you're a farmstay guest you can pick up goodies during your holiday (book now for the farmstay), but If you want to pick up some goodies this December and aren't staying with us, stock is available at the pink building in the main street of Nabiac called the Nabiac Nook - along with lots of other great goodies from local artisans - it's open 7 days a week and is just a second or two off the Pacific Highway. Or visit us at one of these Farmers Markets (if you want anything special brought down eg: bulk honey or large beeswax, please email in advance).

Farmers Markets - November 2016

Here are the farmers markets we'll be at this November. We bring honey refills (so you can recycle), honey in jars and a range of products including an organic relax tea, honey chilli sauce, hot habanero honey, honey orange mustard, honey dijon mustard, pure beeswax candles, gingerbread and rosella jam. We also normally have on board native beekeeping books and other goodies depending on what we're harvesting at the farm!

PORT MACQUARIE - Real Food Market (Port Central outside the Glasshouse from 1pm-6pm)

Farmers' Markets Coming Up Where You Can Find Us...


Newcastle City Farmers Market - Sunday November 22nd

Port Central Real Food Market, Port Macquarie - Tuesday 24th November

The Beaches Market, Warriewood - Friday November 27th

Nabiac Farmers Market - Saturday November 28th

Farmers Markets we'll be at this winter - See you there or at the farm!

If you'd like to stock up on raw honey, organic balms, beautiful beeswax candles, real goats milk soap, beetroot relish, rosella jam and lots of other yum.... here's where we'll be at farmers markets in the next few months! Or you can always visit us at the farm!

Find us at Farmers Markets this April: Port Macquarie / Newcastle / Gloucester / Warriewood

Looks like a busy April bringing you goodies from the farm. The farmgate shop and farm will be open every day in the school holidays, but we're also doing a bit of travelling so we might see you somewhere along the way!

We'll be attending:

Port Central Real Food Farmers Market at Port Macquarie every Tuesday 3pm-7pm

Newcastle City Farmers Market the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month (7am-1pm)

The Beaches Market Warriewood on Good Friday, and our regular 4th Friday of the month

Gloucester Farmers Market - 2nd Saturday of the month

Where to find us at the Farmers Markets

So you can't make it to the farm and our farmgate stall, and you don't want to order online? No problems, see if we are coming to a Farmers Market near you in NSW. Here's the markets we currently attend:

The Beaches Market - Warriewood: 4th Friday of the month (now doing raw honey refills - bring your clean, empty Honeycomb Valley Farm jar for a refill).

Organic Farmers Markets in Sydney

Wow, what a weekend! We headed down to Sydney to give the organic markets a try and ended up having a fantastic weekend catching up with lots of past farmstay guests...who would have thought you could fit 12 kids behind the counter of our little stall!?!

Bikie Gang meets the Bee Balm Lady at the Farmers Market

For years I was a shopper at farmers markets, never even imagining I would have my own stand. I loved shopping for fresh breads, pickles, handmade cheeses and fresh macadamias...but now, I'm the one behind the table, enjoying the moment as people taste our different honies, try a lip balm or enjoy the scent of a raw goat's milk soap.  Putting yourself out there can be nerve-wracking, fun, fulfilling, demoralising, exciting, enriching and tiring...but it's never, ever boring.

Could beekeeping be the most satisfying pursuit ever?

What an amazing couple of weeks we've enjoyed. We've handspun more honey, hosted another beekeeping course, collected and filtered our beeswax in the solar cooker and blended our raw honey and beeswax into a natural range of non-toxic lip balms...and then we sold them at farmers' markets to a great response as people enjoyed the natural flavour and texture of a non-synthetic lip balm.

Oh my Gourd!

I skipped this year's gourd planting (too busy making goats milk soap), but last season I planted heaps of varieties in mini raised tyre garden beds (I figured it was okay to use tyres because we weren't going to be eating the gourds).  The tyre beds were the easiest way for me to get the gourds growing without worrying too much about the boggy clay paddock.  And they were the cheapest too as the local mechanic was only too happy to donate the tyres for the purpose.

So...if you're planning on planting gourds, get ready for some work!

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