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Here are just a few comments we received from our Country Road's Farmstay guests in 2008. We're a NSW farmstay and hope you get to visit our family farm soon too:


I love it here and never want to go. I love your animals and will miss them a lot. And I will miss you too.
- Britney, Mum, Dad, Sean


Thanks for a memorable time! Faye's big wish: riding a horse, came true! We have enjoyed your hospitality very much and hope to be back soon next year.
- Pieter, Karine, Faye, Tim (via Hong Kong)


Wow! What a wonderful time we have had. We came in January this year and couldn't keep away. Josh loved his farm duties and it gave mum and dad some time off. We love it here and we'll be back soon.
- Stephen, Effie & Josh Steneker


Thank you all so much for your hospitality and letting us join in life on the farm. We booked this as a special holiday for Harry nut we had just as much fun!
- Jon, Tam and Harry Vaughan


It's been great to be back at the farm stay and to see just how much difference a year can make. The kids are taller, the plants, garden & trees have matured a little more and the animals are growing and becoming parents themselves - we love it all! Thank you for your hospitality and for making us a part of your farm and family once again. We will be back. You have become a very happy part of our children's lives and also a very calming part of ours. Best wishes.
- Habib, Mary-Anne, Alexandra & Lara Boustany & Antoine, Yara & Charbel Sandroussi


Thanks guys for one of the most amazing, uplifting and fulfilling holidays we have ever had. The kids have decided to stay here and live with you and you will find them roaming. Honestly, it has been one of our best holidays ever and we will be back, but next time for a week!
- Chris, Lisa, Josh & Chloe Tyrell


Thank you all for a wonderful break - the kids absolutely loved it and it was great having them so exhausted at the end of the day! Your hospitality was lovely and made us feel right at home. We hope to share this experience again soon.
- Rachel & Hollie, Linda & Cody


Thanks for a wonderful time. The "can we have a bunny" has already started. Kids really enjoyed every aspect of their weekend, I'm sure we'll be back.
- Sarah, Glenn, Maddy & Tom Dunn


This was a wonderful experience and now that we are leaving the kids are getting right into the family farm lifestyle. THe hospitality has been fantastic and you certainly have a way with kids. We loook forward to returning and will also be spreading the word. You're great hosts and you have three great, friendly and loving children.
- Judy, Julian, Alana & Enzo Torillo


Thank you for a fabulous farm holiday. We loved all the wonderful experiences you shared with us and thoroughly enjoyed being here with you..
- Matt, Emma, Joel & Laura Gelding


Thank you for a magical time. Alyssa can't wait to come back next year - her enthusiasm for farm life certainly took us by surprise and we are so glad we came. Than you for your endless patience, support and kindness to Hayden...we'll make a farmer of him yet! Good luck with your endeavours for the farmstay.
- Simon, Kathryn, Alyssa (6), Hayden (3)


Had the most fantastic time, thank you. John: the stars. Cammie: the quad bike. Jess: everything! Mary: the vegie patch. Suzie: swimming for the 1st time. Thanks for being so lovely to the girls.
- The Dalzell's


Marshmellows and hip hop, Tumbles the bunny, Hollywood the horse, fresh eggs, bees, chicks and more!!! All this and the most warm and wonderful host family. We had the best time and are blessed with many memories - we'll be back.
- David, Triston, Joey, Harry & Alison Landers-Wills-Cutcliffe


Well - what can we say, Heavenly, fabulous, spectacular. How fast time has flown - this time - our third time around! Every year we experience something new. This year - the veggie patch - a culinary, sensory and degustation tour. Plus the beekeeping experience. Bzzzz. FInnegan loves the yellow suit! Needless to say, we'll miss you. We'll see you next year though for sure.
- Paul, Louise, Finnegan (10), Rowan (4) Cole


Thank you again for a fantastic time! Escaping the city, bonding with the bunnies, pony rides, catching baby chickens and goats and of course the campfire! More wonderful memories to take home.
- Felicity, Paul & Tash


Thank you for a great time. I need to come here again. I am going to miss you all.
- Love Chloe (9)


Thank you for making our holiday such a memorable one. We have all had such a wonderful time and can't wait to visit again soon. Thank you for being so patient with Madison and for spending so much time with Chloe. Sitting around the campfire was great, so were the cute little bunnies and finding those chicks! We will miss you all, especially 'Puddles'.
- David, Joanne, Madison & Chloe Sultana


2nd time back and not the last! It's been lovely to kick back, zone out and be amateur farming folk! It's been very satisfying to see how your farm has evolved in the space of one short year since our last visit. You should be proud of all your ecologically sound principles. Great vibe and great people! Thanks so much.
- Darren, Tracey, Lara & Marcus


I've enjoyed the wonderful stay with the animals and everything else. We had a good time playing with your kids. Thank you. Love from
- Kye (8)


It's been a great time here. I have had a great time with the kids. I liked the campfire. I love your girl (and my brother does too!). Love from
- Sophie (6)


What a wonderful welcome back again. Phoebe wasted no time in acquainting herself with the animals old and new.Puddles was our shadow as long as we had a milk supply and Izzy the goat was born on day 2, the bunnies were never left alone and we'll have to check our bags for stow-aways. Thanks again for another memorable holiday. Never long enough but we will be back! Next time Sebastian will run to the animals...not away from them!
- Al, Ruth, Phoebe & Sebastian Laird


What a lovely change of pace. Thanks for reminding us what's really important and sharing your adventure with us. Remie loved the animals, Alex loved the whole experience. We loved your company. See you before too long.
- Nick, Nancie, Alex & Remie


Thank you for your warm hospitality. We've certainly packed a huge amount into our short stay and have loved every minute of it! Sensational to have a lamb born during our stay..what a memory! Thanks again.
- Rick, Julie, Edward, Amy & Kate


Fantastic, fun, full of activities - love those little bunnies. Joel likes the black ones and Kiana likes the white ones. Cindy the pony was great, "Puddles' was magic, and witnessing the birth of 'Spot' was amazing. Love to come back.
- Colin, Bee, Joel & Kiana Carty


Thank you so much for your kindness and for sharing your wonderful farm with us! We all had a fabulous time (one of us wanted to dress up as a sheep so we could stay!). We look forward to coming again one day to see you all again, and we hope your family and farm continue to flourish. With the very best wishes.
- Andrew, Kristin, Arwyn & Annika Stone


Last year it was mud, mud and mud and this year glorious sunshine which was a wonderful improvement! What hasn't changed is the wonderful welcome from you all - thanks for everything. We've all had a ball and it's great for our city kids to 'free range' for a few days.
- Jackie, Richard & Sam Lyne


Thank you Anna, Andrew and kids for a great weekend. Brianna's favourite was riding on the pony and the back of the bike. My favourite was the goats. We had such a wonderful time. I am sure we will be back for a visit real soon. Thank you again.
- Julie & Brianna Coe


Thank you for giving us a genuine farm experience. We were made to feel very welcome and relaxed. The facilities were very accommodatingand we found the whole experience very enjoyable. Nick's favurite part was the quadbike and tractor. Regards!
- Peter, Tove & Nick Maroney


These 4 days have been a fantastastic new experience for the whole family. Many memories to take away and treasure. A beautiful bonding time away from the rat race. Thank you very much for everything!
- Abdul, Lydia, Amna, Mohamad, Misha


Yeah, thanks guys. You ruined every myth our children had! They now think eggs come from hens rather than cardboard cartons, meat comes from cows rather than the supermarket and bunnies appear at other times rather than Easter. Thanks a lot! Plus...our 4WD is now dirty and looks like it has been off the city bitumen and our gumboots are covered in horse crap! We'll never come back here again...unless you promise heaps more of the same!
- Chris Gray


You made it such a wonderful experience for all of us! We haven't stopped smiling!!! We can't believe all the connections between the families. Thank you for a fantastic weekend.
- Chris, Margie, Georgie, Courtney & Ben Gray


What a great weekend! You guys have been so amazing and we loved the freedom of touching the animals when we wanted. I especially loved the 'star show'...we'll never know quite what happened up there.
- Tanya, Steve, Sasha & Jake


Thank you for a wonderful family getaway. It's our last trip as a threesome before baby comes along and it has been unforgettable. Looking forward to returning as a family of four.
- Chris, Jilly, Noah & Bump


Had a ball! Especially in the rain! Kids loved helping out and riding Hollywood. Thanks for a great time!
- Cumming & Raptopoulos families


Fairy farmtastic! We all had a ball getting dirty. Love the animals. See you next time!
- Peter, Tracey, Leo + Evie McLelland


The whole experience was fantastic. The girls especially loved feeding 'Puddles'. Great to meet you all, see you soon!
- Bernard Cohen, Pola & Hannah


Your family were great. Thanks for making James and David part of your family.Thanks for all the fun (...any chance you can look after James for a couple of weeks?). Hope to come back soon. Thank you!.
- John, Sandra, James & David


Our farmboy Andrew thought it strange that he should 'pay' for a farm experience - but even he loved it! Thank you for a wonderful time and for arranging the great weather too! Our warmest wishes are contained in the card and hopefully we'll be back many times to sign this book.
- Andrew, Sun-Jae, Isaac & Ellie Monk


Third time now and luck has nothing to do with the fantastic time we had here. A wonderful farm with great experiences for the boys and your warmth as hosts make this a place we'll keep coming back to.
- Max, Jasper, Kate & Ludo


Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful farmstay with us. We've all enjoyed so many new experiences and can't wait to come back!
- Lachlan, Aidan, Arminda and Phil Korpar


When I booked our stay I was concerned that 3 nights would be too long. Wow! Have I been mistaken. You have all been so kind and patient with us. We have all had a ball and certainly intend on visiting again. Thanks.
- Shana, Paul, Jack, Charlie & Ellie Hennessy


Another wonderful visit. Kids as always thoroughly enjoyed it and do not want to leave. Thanks for your great hospitality!
- Murray, Joanne, Natalie & Laura


This was such a great farm holiday for both kids and adults alike. It's like being away with friends, so thank you for this. The time and patience you both have with my kids reminds me to be a nicer person! What you have here is truly special and I feel very privileged to have been able to share this with you. Thank you and good luck with all the new animals and breeding programs. Can't wait to see those trees when they are fully grown! Thanks for every memory.
- Lisa, Max and Charlotte


I loved the farmstay. I loved feeding the animals, quadbike ride. Home we can come back for another holiday.
- Alexander (10), second visit from Hong Kong


It was nice time staying on the farm, doing farmwork, riding horses, feeding animals. When I grow up I want to be a farmer. Thanks for the great time.
- Love, Audrey (8), second visit from Hong Kong


What a brilliant experience! Thank you for letting us stay at your home and share a piece of your life with us. The boys were just exhausted and elated and slept like logs...and therefore so did we! What a special place this is and next time we come we will have campfires, marshmellows and hopefully Leo on a pony. Thanks so much!
- Alex, Tammy, Zac, Toby & Leo


A really fantastic stay. Your passion for looking after us and involving Ben & Abbey in everything on the farm is incredible, as good as it gets!.
- Chris, Debbie, Ben & Abbey Last


Thank you for the wonderful experience - one we will never forget and will likely revisit in the future.
- Jody, Phil, Lily and Max!


We have thoroughly enjoyed our farm stay and appreciate very much the wonderful hospitality and generosity of your family. We wish you happiness and great success! We will be back!
- Rob, Jane, Hannah & Miles McGlinchey


Fantastic. The boys had the best time ever. They didn't want to leave!
- Reece & Blair, Brett & Louise Crowther


We adored it. Absolute treat for the girls, especially farmer Charlie!
- Chris, Toni, Charlie & Lily


"F" is for "Farm, Fun, Fantastic, Friendly, Fabulous. For SURE we would love to come again. Loved everything and everyone!!
- The Souvlis family


Luv this place! Best therapy after a hard day's riding at Steve Brady's. Will come again.
- Janet Mudge


Dear Campbell family: stars with no moon, new born lamb, fresh eggs, roasted marshmellows, campfire, 'bad' jokes, the animals, the secret billabong and above all the company of good people. If we could do all this in two weeks it would be a experience them in one weekend was unforgettable. Hope to be back sooner rather than later. Grazie!
- Max, Guiliana & Giorgia


Thank you for a wonderful few days, we've all had a BALL!!! Frank's highlight has been gathering the eggs...boy...were those hens under pressure! Outstanding hospitality and lots of fun. Hopefully see you all again.
- Rosy, Seamus, Aggie, Frankie & Violetta Dawes


We are back for our second visit, just five short months since our first. Once again we have had an amazing time and Deshan says "It's been the best holiday ever." Thank you Anna & Andrew and kids for your wonderful hospitality, dinner under the stars and the two special bunnies coming home with us. We can't wait to come back to the farmstay for another visit.
- Thanuja, Mahesh, Deshan & Janaka


Wonderful! Thank you all so much! All was as expected plus more!
- Karen, Brent & Oliver


I had the best weekend, every animal was so kind to me
- Saskia (9)


It was the best! All the animals were all so friendly and Anna and Andrew were really kind.
- Tahleah (9)


Eventhough it rained all the time we enjoyed our stay very much. Thank you.
- Henrieete, Gunnar, Paul, Jan, Nik & Mattis


I loved staying here. It was so fun and I hope we return!!!
- Sophie, Joel & Charlie Hext


Wonderful! Anna, Andrew & kids are such friendly people. We all had a great stay and will come back. Be careful of the muddy stream Andrew!! Thanks.
- Allison, Jerry and Katie


Picture ...what moments we special, thanks for all your special touches!!! You are wonderful, warm and so very welcoming. Thanks to all your family.
- Andie, Anthony, Yasmin, Jess & Mila


Continuous rain, mud, more mud but still had a GREAT time! Wonderful place, wonderful hosts. Kids had a ball, Mum and Dad stillrelaxed. Thank you...will come back some day.
- Brittany, Kyle, Imogen & Mum and Dad


We had a lovely relaxing time. Enjoyed it all, even got back o a horse after many years! The kids loved it. Thanks for making our time fun and al the quadbike rides for the kids. All the best, keep enjoying.
- Mike, Kira, Flynn & Lui


Nabiac Rocks! We had the BEST time...the wonderful welcome, perfect weather, all creatures great and small, the paddle boats and swing, the fresh air...the fact our children spent so much time outside doing lots of farmy things. Thank you so much!!
- Karen, Brent, Tahleah, Oliver and Saskia


What can we say but thanks! We had the best time. The boys had a ball and of course did not want to leave. We loved everything about the farm: quadbike riding, tyre swing, pedal boats, feeding the animals, riding Hollywood. Delivery of the tractor was exciting and Blake loved his job of letting the chickens out in the morning and rounding them up at night. Farmer Andrew was superb with the boys - so patient. Our boys certainly wish to return, you have so much to offer. So a big thanks from all of us, your family is fantastic. Hope to return soon.
- Allison, Ray, Andrew & Blake Peterson


I love the farm soooo much I think I'll have to come back again next year! I loved the tyre swing, Hollywood, the bunnies, Brutus and the campfire.
- Isabella Stevenson (10)


We had such a fantastic, stress free, relaxing time!! Our kids just loved staying here, we will definitely be back!!! Good luck with everything and can't wait to come back and feast on the blueberries and all the food forest gifts!
- The Stante family


Thank you for your warmth and fabulous hospitality. It far exceeded our expectations. We look forward to coming back and seeing the fruit orchard and veggie garden develop.
- Paula, Ella & Gabrielle


Can't remember having such a fabulous holiday as a child. Abigail loved holding the baby bunnies and horse riding, I loved patting anything she could!
- Liam, Kate, Abigail & Isobel


Thank you for a fantastic holiday and doing everything our kids liked. Pool was brilliant too. Hope to see you again soon.
- Jason, Mary, Michael & Jodie


My second visit and I've had the BEST time ever! We did something new all the time and it was so exciting, especially the treasure hunt. I LOVED every second of it here. Thank you for everything, I'll definitely be coming back!
- Brittney Graham (13)


I've had a wonderful time. My favourite animals are the bunny rabbits and I loved riding Hollywood. Thank you for helping us to learn more about the animals. and thanks to your kids for everything
- Sarah Galuzzo (10)


Andrew, Anna & kids, thank you very much for a great holiday. We'll especially miss Brutus, Bravado and Hollywood. We really enjoyed helping out around the farm.
- Gianni & Tony Manzi


Gee - where do we begin? We've had truly the most awesome time. Your hospitality exceeded beyond belief. You guys gave us so many first experiences that will be cherished forever. Not only did we have fun, we've been educated as well and because of you it will help us help the environment. Sad to leave and eager to return. Happy Dayz!!! PS: a special thanks to your kids, who our kids thought were too 'cool' for words!!!
- Darren, Sonia, Jaxson-lee, Phoenix & Piper


Despite the rain which made fantastic mud for the boys to run, jump, fall and splash in, we've had an exceptional time with the perfect host family. The best thing about our holiday has been finding this small patch of paradise.
- Graham, Lyndall, Kimberley, Liam & Reilly.


For an 8 year old who didn't want to go to a farm, he now doesn't want to leave! The electric fence was a big hit! Not to mention Brutus the guard alpaca. I can hear Ryley yelling out "Brutus, Hello Brutus". Loved the quadbike and tractor rides, feeding the alpacas, chickens, horses, ponies, peacocks and Mum's favourite, the goats...did we miss anyone? After the initial shock of no Playstation we settled in and had a wonderful "family" holiday. Thanks so very much!
- Sam, Richard, Saxon & Ryley Price


Absolutely our best family holiday ever. Anna & Andrew are brilliant and the animals wonderful. Our kids will never forget Hollywood and 'little' Andrew will remember Brutus for a while to come...his back leg at least! Thanks for everything!
- The Meeks


May the Barlow mini-forest survice! We loved helping plant the trees and look forward to returning one day to give some more help on the farm! Jack loved the frogs and Blue the tractor and quadbike, whilst Mum & Dad enjoyed the lifestyle! Hope to see you all again soon.
- The Barlow Family


Thank you for your generous spirit! Josh & Ruby's favourite 'takeouts' from their farmstay holiday at Nabiac is Andrew's tractor rides & collecting freshly laid, warm eggs.
- The Stante family


Wow! What a beautiful setting. You have all made us feel so welcome and allowed the children to experience farm life to the full. Phoebe has made a friend for life with your daughter and has fallen in love with the horses, rabbits, chickens, alpacas, cows, peacocks, goats et al! We will definitely return again this year to see the stars, see how the animals have grown and to experience some more of your hospitality.
- The Lairds


"Dad, can we come here every holiday?" Joy - 6yrs, after our 4th visit!
- Hayes Van Der Meer & troops


We all loved being here and enjoying life on the farm. Charlotte especially loved feeding the animals, and we enjoyed the BBQ's under the stars. Hope to come back for another slice of this life.
- Ameghino's & Dagleish's (North Ryde)


Wonderful spot and company! Girls loved it. Peace out!
- The Schuylers (North Ryde)


4th time here and another great time. Hope to see you again soon.
- Simon, Tracey, Thomas & Jasmine (Riverview)


We had a great time and Nicholas was so sad to leave. We will be back! xxx
- Yvette, Neil & Nicholas


Thanks for such a wonderful holiday. Deshan loved riding the pony. There is so much to see and do, next time we will stay for a week!
- Thanuja, Mahesh, Deshan & Janaka


Thanks for everything...far too relaxed to go back to Sydney...You have a great property and are wonderfully engaging with the children. Thanks for a great holiday, keep up the conservation works
- The McVicars


Happy New Year!! We had a fantastic time. You are great hosts. Hope to see you again soon (Mum Donna).
- The Thompsons (Northern Beaches)


We loved our "farm home". Josh's favourite was Hollywood, Effie's was the brown alpaca that thought it was a sheepdog. Thanks for a great time
- The Stenekers

Comments from some of the lovely families who stayed on the farm in 2007:


Thank you for another memorable stay on your wonderful farm. You have achieved so much in the last 12 months, you're an inspiration! Patrick's 6th birthday has been one we will never forget. Thank you. See you again soon.
- The Loaders


Thank you to the most wonderful country family for your hospitality and kindness. We had a wonderful time here on the farm and hope to come back soon.
- The Robsons


Thank you for a fantastic weekend on your farm! We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and will recommend you to all our friends and family. Your family has shown such hospitality to us! The kids loved riding the ponies and feeding Hollywood and Patch the baby alpaca and everything...however the big hit with the children were the baby bunnies (particularly Hannah!). Jessica will miss her new friend - your daughter. We hope to see you all again soon.
- The Winley Family


Thank you so much for such a fantastic weekend - the absolute sheer delight of our children has been priceless. This weekend willbe one of our treasured memories. Looking forward to returning next year.
- The Nobles


Hi Anna and Andrew, Just a quick note to say thank you so much for a wonderful holiday. You made our very first 'farm stay' such memorable and relaxing experience. Deshan can't stop talking about the animals and asking when we are going back to see you again. We hope to see you soon and next time we will bring a couple of bunnies back home with us. Wishing you all the best for 2008.
- Thanuja, Mahesh, farmer Deshan and Janaka xx


We had a blast, thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Our kids will remember this as a magical time - we haven't even left and they're already talking about "when we can come back again...". A special thanks for showing exceptional patience with our kids!! It takes a saint!
- Habib, MaryAnn, Alexandra & Lara Boustany and Yara & Charbel Sandrounsi


Fantastic. Thank you to the whole family for making our stay so special - we look forward to our next EGGceptional time. Enjoy!
- Simon, Mary, Orson & April


Thank you very much for a wonderful stay. Your hospitality and friendliness made our time at Country Roads even more special. A Five Baaaaa rating!
- Trent, Belinda, Ethan & Christian Murray


One of our best holidays ever. Wish we could come again. I loved doing the show with your kids and riding on Hollywood...we are thinking we should become farmers.
- Amy, Ben, Suzanne & Matthew Galea


What a wonderful experience for city slickers! We all had a wonderful time wrestling alpacas, riding horses, zooming on the quadbike and feeding everyone! A must for every city kid! Andrew & Anna go out of their way to make this a truly memorable experience. Thank you!
- Jon, Victoria, William, Claudia & Lachlan Hayman


This was a holiday with a difference which will always be remembered. To see a 2 day old lamb outside your bedroom window in the morning is so fantastic and unforgettable. The serenity of the countryside, the excitement of checking for eggs, fun with the animals, quadbike rides, experience of farm life, comfort of our cabin and constant hospitality of your family have all contributed to a wonderful holiday - enjoyed by both children and adults! We leave with sadness but take with us so many wonderful memories! Thank you for making us feel so welcome on your beautiful farm, for answering 1000 questions so patiently and for an experience we'll never forget. We hope you'll have us back!
- Karen, Guy, Harrison & Georgie Lamond


Thank you so much for a wonderful stay on your farm. We all had a fantastic time and you were all such friendly, welcoming and patient hosts. The cabins were beautiful and well equipped and we all had lots of fun with your animals. As you can imagine, the highlight was watching the birth of the new little lamb who Ebony named 'Prince'....and from the girls: You all made this holiday awesome & fun. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would...I loved everything on the farm especially Prince. I saw his birth and was the first one to see his little hooves stick out, I had a great time and hope to come and see everyone again!
- Suzie, Alex, Natasha, Ebony & Samantha Poullos


Well, it's unanimous! It is by far the best family holiday we have ever had. Your farm is beautiful and so is your family. Thank you for being so patient and showing us how wonderful it is to live on a farm. You have thought of everything. Our girls have really enjoyed their stay and I'm sure they will hold fond memories for years to come. Hope to see you again, thanks for everything.
- Patricia, Christian, Montana & Amelia Huettner


Fantastic time - well lived up to our expectations. Kids had a ball and were busy from dawn till dusk - lovely family time. We would love to come back again.
- Andrew, Janine, Claire & Jessica Muller


Another great time was had by all. You've added an extra dimension! Hope to be back soon.
- Graeme, Susie, Madeline, Jack & Charlotte Harry


Thank you for such a great time feeding all the animals, swimming in the pool, riding the horse and paddling in the dam. The kids slept well every night. You made us feel so welcome at your very special place of the world. We will definitely be back!
- Chris, Kiran, Jasmine & Tommy


Thank you for rekindling our youth and childhood. Your generous time and knowledge made a most memorable experience for Marcus and us! Your mulberry crumble is tops!
- Andrew, Sharon & Marcus Yuen


A weekend of firsts! Picking mulberries, baby bunnies, Swimming for hours in days so sunny. Campfire with crumble, rosellas hatching in the post, Local legend meets our hosts. Pedalboats welcomed on the dam, And to cap it all off the arrival of the teddy bear cows! Thank you for sharing this historic weekend and your wonderful farm with us again. We love it here!
- Ludo, Kate, Max & Jasper


Thank you so much for a lovely weekend, perfect for children, we all really loved how much time you spent showing us around and indulging us in farm life. We will recommend you to all our friends. Good luck as you build and grow the farm.
- Lucy, Phil, Sophie & Tom


This is our second trip to your wonderful farmstay and it just keeps getting better. Thank you!!! We love this place and can just relax. Already planning our third trip! Horray! The rabbit had baby bunnies the morning we were due to leave. What a treat!
- Paul, Louise, Finnegan & Rowan


Thank you for an amzingly relaxing holiday. It's quite a novelty to see our kids enjoying the freedom and space to run about without their parents having to hover over them all the time (as we do in Sydney). Keep up the good work guys, you have a very special place...Ta!
- Darren, Tracey, Lara & Marcus


Thank you for a lovely, restful family holiday. Images of Amelia collecting eggs in her basket and James trudging around in his little gumboots will be previous memories. The especially loved the pony ride and fun with the bunnies. Many thanks!
- Pete, Melinda, Amelia & James


Thank you for one of the best family holidays ever. We appreciated your hospitality and for sharing your life on the farm with us!
- Tash


Our first visit and we are already planning to return soon. Your friendly welcome and patience helping our children discover country life has been delightful and relaxing. Thank you!
- Roberto, Emily, Tabitha & Hugo


This is our 3rd visit and we're really impressed with the changes you've made. Very enjoyable and relaxing, we'll be back!
- Keith, Sarah, Lochie & Gabi Mulray


Thank you all for sharing your farm with us this weekend. We would love to stay a few more nights. It was our first farmstay and was fantastic, what really made it though has been your hospitality. Thank you, we will be back!
- Caroline, Stuart, Luca, Roco & Daniel


Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. We'll spread the word and will be back.
- Millar & Morag McCowan


Thank you for a wonderful time at Country Roads. Caitlyn loved the farm experience and didn't want to leave. Thank you for your warmth and care. Hope to be back again when Lucas can walk too. Good luck and best wishes for the future.
- Jeremy, Alison, Caitlyn & Lucas


Thanks for another wonderful stay. Look forward to seeing you all again in 2008!
- Jeroen, Manon & Bibi, and Oma and Opa!


Thank you for the fantastic time. My daughter loves pony ride and bunny. We hope we can come back soon. Arigato!
- Nobuhiro Oiwa, Keiko, Emika, Ayaka & Sumie


Thanks for a lovely holiday. I loved the quadbike rides. I really, really like the visit.
- The Yens


Two words: THE BEST! Thanks again for a great experience, it was worth the journey from the UK!
- Jennie, Carol, Callum, Finlay & Caitlin


Thanks for your hospitality and the entertaining involvement in the workings of the farm. We'd love to return next time we are over from Perth. You have most of the family convinced we should become farmers! Thanks for the fantastic time.
- The Lawthers


Thanks for a wonderful stay! We have all enjoyed everything your farm has to offer and the kids have learnt so much. You've been fantastic hosts. Thanks for making Aisha's birthday so happy with extra touches. We look forward to seeing you again.
- Sally, Mark, Aisha & William


Thank you for a wonderful holiday. We had such a peaceful, relaxing time and really enjoyed spending time with the animals and helping with the farm jobs. Can't wait to come and see you again soon.
- The Wicks family


Thank you for a wonderful holiday. Jonah loved the sandpit and all the animals, and we especially loved Queenie the sheep. Thanks and see you again with our bigger family.
- The Moore Family


Thank you for a wonderful and exciting weekend. Our kids had a great time!!! Your cottages are very comfortable, cosy and warm. I'm sure we'll be back.
- Darren, Tracey, Lisa & Bradley


Wow! What a truly fantastic weekend away from the hustle and bustle. Just what we all needed. Your family has shown us true country hospitality and made us so welcome. The kids have had a memorable weekend and have made me promise to come back. So we'll see you all again later in the year. Thank you once again.
- The Hanson Family


Thank you for making us feel so welcome at your farm. We enjoyed feeding and learning about the animals, playing with the sports equipment, riding on the quadbike, roasting marshmellows etc etc.
- James, Stephanie, Emily, Suzie, Rebecca Stone


Just what we needed! A relaxing family getaway. The kids loved it here and so did we. See you again for sure.
- George, Niki, Hannah & Jake Scopelitis


Fantastic. Way too short. We'll be back!
- Decostas Family


Thank you so much for a wonderful time. Sam has been in 7th heaven since we arrived and we have all felt totally relaxed and welcome. We'll be back!
- Jackie, Richard & Sam Lyne


Thank you lots for letting us into your home. We had a wonderful time here and will definitely be back. Can't wait to go home and tell our friends about your farm. Good luck with all your plans.
- Yonat, Graham, Maya & Noa


Thanks so much for a wonderful holiday. Your cabins are great, the fire is cosy and the kids absolutely loved frolicking with the animals and eachother. We had a great time.
- Steven, Carolyn, Mitchell & Nicholas Koturic


Without a doubt one of the best holidays ever. Thank you for your excellent hospitality. A fantastic time. We will be back.
- James, Ben & Emily


Had a great time. Next time we will stay a few more days. Thanks for everything.
- Matt, Ann, Alex & Charlotte


What an amazing place! We and our kids had a great time and so many laughs. Chasing chickens, being marauded by goats at feeding time, riding on the motorbike. Lots of fun for everyone and who could forget Lily and the little red wagon. See you next time!
- Christine, Michael, Benjamin, Emily and Lily Dulieu


Absolutely fabulous! Very comfortable accommodation. We loved getting involved in farm life. The campfire last night capped off a wonderful stay.
- Andrew, Judy & Claire


Thank you for a fantastic time. Love it!! Kayla doesn't want to leave.
- Jim, Kathy & Kayla


Thanks to your family for your friendly and enthusiastic hospitality. Ut;s always nice to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney life and this was a perfect place to spend a weekend away.
- Keith, Heidi and Annika Louie


Thank you so much for your warmth and hospitality. We had a wonderful time and look forward to coming back.
- The Straetemans (Northern Beaches)


We had a super time. Loved every moment we were here.
- Ravi & Family


Dear Anna & Andrew
Thank you for the holiday. It was the best I've ever had! Nabiac farm is my favourite place on earth!

- Love from Laura (9) St Ives


Thanks so much for the beuatiful 9 days on your farm! The boys will never forget the experience, they loved the work, the animals and freedom of running and playing in the country. We had a great time chatting around the campfire. We would love to come again and certainly will recommend it.
- Hudson, Liz, Jediah, Ezra & Micah (Blue Mountains)


Though a short stay, it became an unfortgettable first. I like the cosy cottage, great entertainment with the farm activites, our kids so excited they forgot to take nap! Absolutely fabulous everything. I'm sure coming back soon. Thank you. ARIGATO!
- Minamide Family


This is our third stay and won't be our last! Thanks again for everything.
- Hayes, Melanie & kids


We have had such a great time, you have all made us feel so welcome & part of the farm. Hannah will particularly miss collecting the mice in the morning! We will come to see how the orchard is doing when we return to Australia down the track. Best of luck & thanks again.
- Aly, Dickie, Eleanor & Hannah (England)


David thinks Rammie's tail is the best. Dani wants to take home all the bunnies. Great stay, thank you so much for giving the kids their best holiday.
- Arna, David & Danielle (St Ives)


Many thanks to our wonderful hosts for sharing their bit of heaven. Take me home country roads!
- Susan, Mark, Hayden & Olivia (Lidcombe)


Having arrived somewhat shellshocked after some tough times, we found a beautiful place with beautiful people caring for beautiful animals. A blessing. Rammie rocks!!!
- Hannah & her smiley girl (Central Coast)


Although it's been a short stay it's been amazing - we've had a wonderful time meeting, feeding and patting the animals, riding on the quadbike, ute & even the lovely shetlands...swimming in the pool, flying a kite, helping a little with the garden - it's just been so good we'll have to come back! (soon we hope).
- The Madeghe family


Dear Anna & Andrew & family
Here we are again having a great time, the kids absolutely enjoying the experience. Will be back again I'm sure!

- Joanne & Murray & the girls


Thanks so much for a lovely stay! It's a great spot here with everything you could want. The kids had a lovely time getting to know all the animals and we appreciate all the efforts you made.
- Michael, Robyn, Emma, James & Bump


This has been a sensational end to our 2 week holiday. The kids have loved the freedom and space and especially the experience of patting and riding the animals. We enjoyed your company immensely and wish you every success. You have created a wonderful atmosphere here which we will remember and talk about for many years to come. Thank you!
- Kevin, Selena, Kye & Sophie (Collaroy)


You guys are an inspiration and have further fueled our desire for self sufficient living, good luck to you all. xxxx
- The Farquharson clan


Thank you for sharing your salubrious tree change with us, can't wait to see the organic permaculture farm as it develops.
- Ingrid & River


What a fabulous time we have had. You provided such a warm, friendly atmosphere, your kindness will long be remembered.
- Vicky, Scott & Toby (Castlecrag)


Hi guys
Thank you so much for our stay! We have had a fabulous time and can't wait till the next time we visit. We especially loved the freshly laid eggs we ate every morning.

- Cassie & Adam's family (Narraweena)


We have had a wonderful time, the kids loved helping with the animals. Thanks for all your kind attention, we hope to come back again soon.
- Mario & Eve's family


Thanks so much. Better than we expected. Twins and the older kids just just loved it.
- Kim, Peter & Family


We hope to visit again soon as the girls had the most wonderful, fun-filled, action packed visit. All the best to you.
- The Bortz family


Had a lovely relaxing stay yet again! Thanks for making us feel at home on the farm. We'll be back!!!
- Tracey, Simon, Thomas & Jasmin


To you all,
Thanks for your warm hospitality. The kids loved having a routine to feed the animals. We will return in winter to enjoy the fire and crispy mornings.

- Isabel, Max & Sam


We all had a most enjoyable time and would not hesitate to recommend your farmstay to our friends. Thank you for the way you included the children in the farm tasks. Good luck with your plans. We will be back!
- The Evan's


We had a fantastic time. Thank you so much for looking after us all so well. I think the bunnies will be happy to see the back of us! Good luck with the beautiful new alpacas. We will be back.
- The McHugh's


To the whole Campbell family,
Thank you so much for a fantastic farm stay. Ashleigh has loved every second of the weekend and all because you made her feel so welcome and helpful. We loved our time with you.

- Ashleigh's family


Dear Everyone,
We hope you are all really well...Although we have physically left your place it is still very much part of us and our daily lives. Very often Joy will ask: "Dad is it 4 o'clock yet?" And if it is, she remembers that it is time to feed the animals. Sometimes she is in the garden playing and I can hear her say something. Guess what..? She is calling "Cienta, Trilby, Bravado...". Has Cienta had the baby alpaca yet?.....Thanks again for the wonderful time we had with you."

- Hayes, Melanie, Joy, Noah and Max


Well just a quick note to again thank you for a wonderful time enjoyed by us all. Steph actually cried and wanted to go back. You guys have the perfect farmstay with the perfect hosts - all five of you. Again thanks for making our holiday memorable and hopefully we will see you soon
- Shane, Chris and Steph


We thought you might like to see some photos of our holiday at your farm. We had a lovely time, the peacock feathers are in pride of place on the boy's bedroom walls and the wool made a comfy bed for their toys last night. We can't wait for our next visit to your home. Cheers,
- Anne Maree, Rob, Jacob, Adam and Patrick


From when we took over the farm in October 2006

Hi there,
What a wonderful life! We REALLY enjoyed our very first farmstay. The kids don't want to leave. See you next year!

- Louise & Paul (Sydney)

Wish it never had to end, but I'm sure the rabbits are glad to be seeing us off. Loved being here. For some reason the BBQ's taste better, must be something to do with the surroundings. Thanks for the love and kindness.
- Wendell's family. (Baulkham Hills)

What a special weekend complete with the birth of 7 new rabbits! Thank you all for your hospitality and for all those thoughtful extras to make our holiday lovely. We will be back!
- The Lanes (Sydney)

Fabulous relaxing time, kids had a ball and loved the animals. Brutus the alpaca was our favourite.
- The O'Sheas


Thanks very much for your warmth and kind hospitality. We all had a wonderful time. Kids enjoyed collecting fresh, warm eggs, the treasure hunt and pony rides.Keen to come again and explore.
- Wayland & Tallulah's family


Loved the farm, the animals, the great hospitality. Anna, Andrew & kids, thanks for making our first family holiday the best.
- Angela & John's family


We had a great weekend at your wonderful farm. We all loved it, even the wild kangaroos were there when we needed them. Would love to come back if it wasn't so far from Europe!
- Andries' family

Our granddaughters had a great weekend, we were so happy to see them enjoying themselves on the farm.
- Jim (Dubbo)

Thank you for your great hospitality and enthusiasm with the children. We all had a wonderful time and will be back.
- Lisa & Family

Thanks Andrew & Anna,
We had a relaxing holiday in a beautiful location. Our children will have fond memories of feeding the animals, quadbiking, mulberry picking, searching for the lost goats and playing with your kids (and who can't forget all that marshmallow toasting!).

- The Hexts (Sydney)



  • Thank you. I had a great time. I really don't want to go. (Rebecca, 8)
  • I had a great time, lots of fun, loved riding the quadbike and riding Cindy and Hollywood. (Nicole, 5)
  • Thanks for everything. Your infectious enthusiasm was wonderful and we wish you every success. (Dad Anthony).