Gardens & Native Bee Sanctuary

CURRENTLY CLOSED - FARMGATE SHOP & FARM  and NATIVE BEE SANCTUARY TOURS - CURRENTLY CLOSED except for booked group tours, farmstay guests and special open days.


A while ago we got to thinking...wouldn't it be great if we could plant an amazing sanctuary full of plants of usefulness to humanity and bursting with pollen, nectar and habitat for native Australian stingless bees.

We started to think about the types of plants we'd include from the edible to the medicinal, and even plants for walking sticks and for perfume, for dyes and building material, animal fodder and culinary delights.

About this time a wonderful old friend of ours got in touch. We'd worked together years ago on the Great Barrier Reef on a tiny, gorgeous coral cay called Heron Island. Ken Hawkins had been the gardener on the island and out of the blue, nearly 20 years later, we got an email from him saying hi. Ken had gone on to design ethnobotanical gardens around the world, so we popped the question...would he visit us in Nabiac the next time he was in Australia - and he did!

Generous, kind and planet-loving Ken designed up the 5 acre garden for us and left us with a great plan...and a bare paddock. Other experts lended a hand to help including native bee expert Tim Heard, and Elysha Flutterlieb in the bush foods section.

About this time the federal T-QUAL grant scheme opened for submissions. There was no way we could complete such a project on our own, but with T-QUAL covering a small part of the costs, we knew we could give it a great shot. And so began the creation of  the Resilience Garden and Native Bee Sanctuary. 

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