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HelpX and WWOOF are wonderful exchange programs whereby travellers can swap labour for room and board. The website is located at  or

It is a true working holiday where about 7 hours work a day offers the traveller free meals and accommodation - but more importantly - an experience of a culture, a business, a landscape and a family in numerous countries around the world.

If you're hard-working yet light of heart and you're a member of HelpX, we might be the Australian family farm you're looking for. Please contact us through the HelpX website, our ID is: 7686 to see if we have a vacancy for the dates you'd like.

Many thanks to our original backpacker Robin Rainer from Canada who we enjoyed having stay so much (and who designed our logo during her farmstay) that we signed up for Helpx! This has led to many wonderful experiences meeting fabulous people from all over the world. Thank you to all the Helpx's and wwoofers who have stayed with us so far, your help on our farm and your contribution to our lives and laughs have been invaluable.

Here are just a couple of the testimonials HelpXers have left for us on the Helpx site:



Helper: Roo, Rosa & Tash  
From: United Kingdom Date: May 23, 2014
Where to even begin? We spent just over 3 months at Honeycomb Valley and can genuinely say it was the best 3 months of our whole time in Australia. We were a little apprehensive about leaving our beloved Sydney and going to do our farm work, but Anna & Andrew (and the whole Campbell family) made us feel immediately welcome and pretty soon we couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

Anna & Andrew work so so hard and are so extremely passionate about their farm that it is very difficult not to become very enthusiastic very quickly. We arrived at the farm with limited experience, but quickly picked up and learnt a great deal about the animals, bees, honey, plants, products, permaculture and the sustainable lifestyle that the family live by. Some highlights for us were getting to go out beekeeping and then learning how to spin the honey (and eating it!); knowing (and loving) all the animals by name (Nick, Kay, Solo, Cloud, Betsy et al we miss you guys so much!); getting to name some baby chicks after ourselves; making beeswax candles; and taking guests on tours. 

During our stay we lived both in the farmstay cottages and, during the busy holiday period, in the caravans. Both are absolutely more that adequate and, when we had to move to the caravans, Andrew went to such amazing effort to make sure we felt comfortable and had everything we needed.

As well as all the farm skills that we learnt, we also brushed up on our cooking skills, as everyone is asked to cook dinner on rotation throughout the week. We were a little nervous about cooking at first (especially as there were 12 of us to begin with!), but it soon became quite a fun afternoon activity and we picked up a lot of new recipes and really enjoyed being able to use a lot of ingredients from the garden!

We can honestly say our favourite thing about living and working at Honeycomb Valley was that we were able to meet this incredible family and become part of it ourselves. The kids are some of the funniest, caring and most helpful we've ever met (and we've met a few!)...never have we laughed so much around the dinner table!

Honeycomb Valley Farm really is a very special place - they deserve helpers who are willing to work hard, smile often and have a great sense of humour. If you put your all into it, you'll have the time of your life and like us, will never want to leave! 


Helper: Hayley Andrews  
From: Canada Date: February 9, 2014
I spent over 3 months here and absolutely loved it!

I took a rideshare from Melbourne up to the farm and arrived late in the evening at the end of October. Andrew heated up some leftovers and chatted with me. I remember feeling so welcomed into the home right from the start and from that moment on I felt part of the family. In the morning I met the super bubbly and happy Anna who became both my teacher and friend. Andrew took me on a tour of the animals that first morning and I fell in love with each and every one of them. Then Anna took me on a tour of the gardens where I learned about the many plants and their many uses.

During my time at the farm I helped care for the animals (goats, sheep, cows, chickens, alpacas), gave garden tours, sold farm products in the farm-gate shop, helped make soaps and balms for the shop, helped with beekeeping and honey spinning, weeding and planting in the gardens, just to name a few. One special thing I did during my time is make a new product to sell in the shop. Pure beeswax candles - lots of experimentation and finally success, so happy!!! I also learned how to cook new meals which, for me, is a big deal. It was great for everyone to take turns cooking so that we ate a variety of yummy food. Using the solar oven was amazeballs (as Anna would say) and the other helpers and I made it a cooking goal to use as much produce from their garden as possible (cucumbers, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, kale, basil, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, mint, day Lilly's, figs, strawberries, marrows, garlic, chillies - the list goes on!!)

If you're looking at helping at this farm you should definitely do it. That being said, Anna and Andrew deserve hardworking helpers who have a genuine interest/passion for learning/experiencing new things. The two of them work so very hard every day of the week - their hearts are invested in the farm - that they deserve helpers looking for a genuine learning and sharing experience, not those individuals just looking for somewhere to get their second year visa.

When I first arrived at the farm there were 3 girls just finishing their time, and when I left there were 5 new helpers just starting. Honeycomb Valley is a great place to make new friends and meet people from around the world. I'm actually now traveling with a girl I met on the farm! We hit it off and are heading up the Queensland Coast together :)

Anna and Anna, I can't thank you enough for the skills you taught me, the great times and many many laughs we shared. You are both such fantastic people doing such fantastic things. I will 100% be back to visit you, the kids, Katy, Vicki, Sarah, Betsy, Nick, and Bucket Chicken (for everyone else reading those last names are some of the farm animals :) ) I can't wait to see how the kids and animals have grown and how the farm has grown and changed. Katy and Nick are going to be so big!!!!

It's been 7 days since I left and I miss it every day. I'll see you guys soon xoxo

PS- if you come here be prepared to bawl your eyes out when you leave, like I did. This place feels like home for me in Australia. 
Helpx: Ben & Charlotte (UK) : September 29, 2013
Well well well, we left you over a month ago now and we still think about you every day! Ben and I spent 3 amazing months on honeycomb farm with the Campbells and we had the time of our lives! No day is the same, you are always doing something different and learning so much at the same time. Anna and Andrew are so patient and kind, they treat you like part of their family, and most importantly, they have a great sense of humour!
The farm itself is stunning, one of the most beautiful places we've ever been, you never get bored of watching that sunset every night! It would take me forever to write about all the awesome stuff about Honeycomb Valley Farm but I will say this;
If you are considering doing WWOOFING and you want somewhere that offers lots of different activities, friendly people, beautiful scenery, gorgeous animals and lots of laughs then don't think twice about going to Honeycomb! The family are just brilliant, the kids are so funny and never fail to entertain. They are some of the kindest people you will ever meet and trust me, you will never went to leave!
We cannot thank them enough, they changed our lives and made us realise you can achieve your dreams.
They were the happiest 3 months of our lives!!
Getting to meet other WWOOFERS was awesome too, and the work is always evenly distributed. But as you feel like one big family, it never really feels like work! We made some friends for life during our time there! (Especially Nicky, we miss your awesome brews! Had so many laughs together!)
We miss the family and the farm so much, but have promised ourselves that we have to go back. So Campbell family, you haven't seen the last of us! :)
Lots and lots of love Lala and Beno xxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.s make sure you get to try Andrews Spinach Pie!! It's his signature dish! 
Helpers: Jo & Lisa: Dec 21, 2012
From: UK
We stayed for a month at Honeycomb Valley, and we couldn't have hoped for a better experience.
Anna, Andrew and the kids were welcoming from the minute we arrived.
The work asked of us was varied and interesting, it was great to get a list of the jobs that needed doing that day and being trusted to get on with them.
We've learnt so much by staying at the farm, from Anna's amazing knowledge about bee keeping to Andrew's expertise with all the animals. We were glad to be able to look after the farm whilst the family went on holiday!
They are both extremely generous people and we are so grateful for everything they did for us whilst we were there.
Spending time with their kids was brilliant too, they all have such fantastic personalities and are very fun to be around.
We feel we have been very lucky to spend time with them all, and already miss them.
Don't hesitate to come here, it will be the highlight of your trip! 
Helpers; Danny & Laura: May 29 2012
From: UK
We had a wonderful stay with the Campbell family. We originally planned on staying for 3 weeks but enjoyed ourselves so much we extended that to 4 weeks. The work is exactly as it says on the helpx page, with lots of varied things to do. We learnt a lot during our time here including bee keeping, making soaps, gardening, animal handling and I helped put a paling fence up among other things.

The accommodation was really nice. It was great that we had our own living space, but we went to the house to eat and socialise with the family, all of whom are very polite and welcoming.

We were very inspired by the Campbells' work ethic and attitude toward sustainable living. They are very knowledgeable in what they are doing and were keen to share that experience with us.

To summarise we had an amazing helpx experience. We couldn't have asked for more and hope to see them again in the near future. 
Helper: Adrienne: April 2012
From: USA
I just left here after one week and I am already missing it. I had an absolute blast getting to know the Campbell crew and their farm. I learned so much from Anna, Andrew, and the kids from soapmaking to honey spinning to garden mulching! I even helped create "Wormtropolis," which will surely become the 8th world wonder (of Nabiac).

In short, this has been one of my favorite help exchanges. Time flies here, so plan to stay at least a couple of weeks and enjoy living with this wonderful, welcoming family.

Thank you for this brilliant experience.      
Helper: Lynn, Donghao and Xinyun: Dec 18, 2010
From: Singapore/China
We've been missing you and the animals on the farm. You have heart of gold and we can not say too much thanks for what you did for us. Thank you for your kind encouragement for whatever job we did. And it was such a pleasant experience to talk to you who really knows how to listen and talk. We do learn a lot from you.
Helper: Tom & Steph Date: Dec 5, 2010
From: UK
We planned to stay for 2 weeks but stayed for a month, and would have stayed for much much longer if we didn't have to leave to see family! Honeycomb Valley is an amazing place, with Anna and Andrew working hard to provide their family with a sustainable life for their future. They are truly wonderful people who are kind, caring, very interesting and happy to share knowledge, it was a pleasure helping them on the farm and spending time with them in the evenings. The children are awesome...They also have the most beautiful collection of animals (goats, chooks, cows, sheep, alpacas, rabbits, birds, horses) each with their own personality!
The work is very interesting and varied ranging from feeding the cutest animals (our favourite job was feeding the baby goats) to helping with various building projects or their tourism business - we learned so many skills and cannot thank them enough for this. If you are lucky enough to spend some time here i would recommend speaking to them about a sustainable way of living, as they have great ideas and lot's of experience ... it really opened up our eyes during our stay.
We definitely recommend a stay, and we will definitely be back to see them in the near future! These are seriously some of the nicest people we have ever met and consider them an extension of our own family. Thank you to the family for an amazing stay, we wish you all the best for your futures .... You have made our trip!

Helper: Maria & Josef Date: Nov 15, 2010
From: Canada
Anna and Andrew were the personification of AWESOMENESS! :) Everything that we read on their profile, was exactly how it turned out to be and far far more. We enjoyed working with and taking care of all the animals: the chooks, goats, Gigi, Gwendylynn, Ivy, sheep, horse, ponies, Miniatures Galloways, rabbits, alpacas, bees, cockatiels, and Drop Bears! We spent some time setting up electric fence, mowing, weeding, planting. Once a week, we get the opportunity to cook Dinner for everyone. It was an enjoyable time. Honeycomb Valley operates Australia's largest Sun Oven, in which we assisted in baking cookies, cooking lamb, and quiche...We had lots to do, but were never overworked. They gave us plenty of opportunity to enjoy ourselves: playing in the pool, touring the neighbouring towns/cities (Forster, Taree, Nabiac),  We became part of the family and our 'younger siblings' - were a lot of fun! We spent hours playing and learning together.
We came as two backpackers from Canada, and left as part of the family. We will always remember Honeycomb Valley and want to visit again soon!
Helper: Cara Grant   Date: Nov 13, 2010
From: Canada
Stay was amazzzinggg. I instantly felt at home, everyone in the family was so welcoming. I learned so many new things that I will carry with me the rest of my life and even things that will help me with school and my career. Food was unreal, accomodations were perfect. I enjoyed eating fresh oranges off of the tree every morning! I stayed for about 2 weeks and would have loved to stay longer, I'm hoping to make one last visit before I head home to Canada:). All in all a place everyone should experience because when you're working with such friendly/beautiful animals it doesn't feel like work at all. Will always remember such an amazing family! Xo
Helper: Yip hang and Tan Yee  Date: November 1, 2010 
From: Hong Kong

We LOVEEEE this place and the familly!!!
Staying here with Mrs Incredible(Anna)’s delicious homemade food and surrounded by Mr Incredible(Andrew)’s goatssss made everyday like staying in Wonderland.
We felt welcomed by the family every moment. Kids are adorable, Mr Incredible and Mrs Incredible are very friendly and warm-hearted. They always make sure that we have everything we need and are happy during our stay. Everyone in the family did their best to make us feel like at home. Thank you so much! Although we only stayed in Honeycomb valley for one week (we really wish we can stay longer!), by doing different kind of farm works to making different kinds of natural homemade food, we experienced the beautiful of the natural and sustainable living. It really opens the mind of the people who came from city like us. Though the working hours may be seems a bit long to some people, yet, the works are always full of fun and never too harsh. We milked goat, picked mulberry, did some fencing work, drove motorbike to take the sheep back home, used the sun-oven to make lovely cookies. And we are also lucky enough to have chance to ride Hollywood the horse (he is really very good horse!), learned how to do homemade butter and simple goat cheese and lots and lots of mulberry food and dessert. We recommend you not only staying in Honeycomb Valley, but do reserve a longer time to stay here! There are hips of things that you can learn from Mr and Mrs Incredible! The longer time you spend here, the more things you can learn! Thank you very much, the Honeycomb Valley and the Incredible family!
Helper: Mari Ek  Date: October 21, 2010 
From: Finland  

If you are looking for a lovely host family and a work in beautiful views, This is a right place to be! Anna, Andrew and the kids are all so welcoming, caring and easy-going people with great sense of humour. They really do their best to make you feel comfortable. I was spoiled with tasty food, nice accommodation and free-time activities (for example day-trip to Forster).
Every day is different as the jobs varies from goat milking to office work. It's motivating to work in a sustainable organic farm where the well-loved animals are taken care of.
Thank you again for everything, I learned so much and enjoyed my stay in your beautiful farm!
Helper: Constance and Manon  Date: October 21, 2010 
From: France

We stayed 10 days at Anna & Andrew's farm.
It was amazing, we learned so much : milking goats, feed animals every morning, beekeeping, make honey, jam, cook yummy cookies.
We spend a day at Forster, a small adorable town.
The food is so good and this family gorgeous.
Darcy, Zac and Josie are three cute, funny and smart children.
We loved our stay here, and we really hope to come back again !
Thanks for all, Constance & Manon from Paris

Helper: Sophie & Basile Date: August 24, 2010 
From: France

"Thanks Andrew and Anna for this amazing experience in your farm. We really enjoyed those two weeks, it was too short! We learned so many things: milking a goat, making soap and balms, beekeeping, mowing, painting a chicken caravan,… All the jobs was interesting and always different. Your kids are so nice and funny. We really hope to come back again. The cabin is so comfortable and we could live here for all our life. THANKS again for your generosity. If you want to enjoy a good farm, discover a lot of things, working with the animals, Honeycomb Valley is the best place ever!"

Helper: Stefania Date: October 18, 2010 
From: Italy

"My 3 weeks experience with Anna and Andrew's family was awesome: they all made me feel like at home and they taught me so many things that i've never tried before, from milking goats to the lamb and baby goats feeding, or how to cook delicious biscuits(and get some kg with all their testing products!).My time there is unforgettable because i've tasted the warm and funny atmosphere that every member of the family communicates...and don't worry: if sometimes you feel not self confident about a task, Andrew will help you, he was so calm and patient with me, expecially with chickens and the rooster...i've never felt alone,never... THANKS!!!!!!!"

Helper: Rowena Date: October 10, 2010 
From: UK

"I had my first HelpX experience here, I stayed for just over 3 weeks. I loved it from day 1! I could not have asked for anything more. Honeycomb Valley is a little patch of paradise! Anna and Andrew are so enthusiastic about everything they do, and they are so keen to share their knowledge and passion. Their interests include beekeeping, gardening, animal husbandry... To name a few. Their 3 children are lovely and easily make you feel like you're part of the family. If you can teach them a card game or 2 you will be very popular...I highly recommend a visit! I only hope that this review can do the farm justice!"

Helper: Adele Date: August 27, 2010 
From: Hong Kong

"I spent more or less 4 weeks here, and it was awesome. Anna & Andrew treated me as part of their family and the kids are just adorable!...Highly recommended if you are after lovely animals, nice food, and of course nice family!"

Helper: Jade  Date: August 10, 2010 
From: UK

"I had a brilliant week on the farm at Honeycomb Valley! As soon as I arrived, I felt completely welcomed and part of the family. The kids are absolutely amazing and full of life, and Anna and Andrew are so kind and generous. The work which I did on the farm was so varied, everyday I did something new and different...I had a really fun time working on the farm, and was certainly never bored! I also learnt a lot about sustainability and natural living, and had a great time doing it! Thanks so much to Anna, Andrew and the kids, and to anyone thinking of coming to Honeycomb Valley - do it, I guarantee you will have a brilliant time!" Jade (UK)

Helper: Shaun McCowen  Date: July 31, 2010 
From: United States  

Andrew, Anna, and kids are amazing people and welcomed me with open arms as soon as I arrived. The work was great! I was able to learn new and exciting things from Andrew who is a fix it all kind of guy and he is great at helping you understand what needs to be done. The farm is nice size and gives you time to see and work with all the animals. Family dinners were my favorite time and I got a chance to get to know the family on a personal level which made the visit feel like home. I wish I could of stayed longer and plan to return sometime during my travels 

Helper: Jenny  Date: June 10, 2010 
From: United Kingdom

I had an amazing stay here! The whole family couldn't have been more welcoming, they made me feel like part of the family right away.
The work around the farm was interesting and different every day, from making lip balms and baking with Anna's delicious recipes, to cuddling alpacas and catching chickens who are surprisingly friendly!
All the animals are well loved and it shows in their affectionate natures.
One of the best farmstay's I've ever been to, couldn't recommend it highly enough!
Thank you Anna, Andrew, Darcy, Zac and Josie :) 
Helper: Adam and Lorna  Date: June 4, 2010 
From: United Kingdom  

Brilliant place to go! Lovely family who are working hard to produce a natural and sustainable living for the future. Anna makes all her amazing natural soaps and lip balms with bee's honey and wax, as well as goats milk. They are amazing on your skin and contain no unnatural elements.
Andrew is working hard to look after the animals and develop the farm. We did lots of things with him which we had never done before.
All the animals from the chickens to the alpacas are so friendly, even some of the sheep run up to you to be stroked and cuddled.
Would recommend this to anyone who is willing to put in a days work for staying in a beautiful little cottage and some amazing food vegi and non vegi.