Rare Native Bee Honey in Glass Art

$198.00 GST inc.

This is truly art in art. A unique, unusual and gourmet luxury gift: 20ml of rare sugarbag honey in a one-off hand-blown artistic glass bottle.

Glass artist Matthew Farrell was commissioned to make just a few one-off bottles as special and rare as the honey they contain.

The honey - from the tiny Australian stingless bee Tetragonula carbonaria - has a truly unique taste that should be savoured one tiny drop at a time.

It is at once sweet, sour, tangy, eucaluptusy and some say reminscent of a fortified wine. The remarkable flavour captures the Australian bush and the vibrancy of these unique little bees who make less than 1kg of honey from a hive per year.

*Each 20ml bottle is unique and the one you are interested in may have been sold at the time you order so please specify the look you are seeking or just write in the notes "leave the bottle choice up to you".

Wow someone with this precious "sugarbag" honey in its equally precious container. And we hope you help spread the word about creating habitat and gardens that will help Australia's native bees thrive!

Ingredients: Naturally fermented honey from the stingless native bee Tetragonula carbonaria.

Artist: Matthew Farrell