Rare Australian Native Bee Honey "Sugarbag" in Collector Glass Art

$198.00 GST inc.

Experience a honey that is one of the world's rarest, most expensive and most delicious nectars, in a limited edition hand-blown vessel by glass artist Matthew Farrell.

This is an ultra-luxury product: 20ml of rare, naturally fermented Australian stingless bee honey (species: Tetragonula carbonaria) in a collectable bottle that is as  beautiful, unique and precious as the honey it contains.

We are packaging the honey in this way to raise awareness of Australia's native bees and to give this honey the reverence it deserves.

Also known as the “sugarbag” bee the honey of Tetragonula carbonaria has been used for centuries as an indigenous medicine and food source. In the 1980’s Dr Tim Heard pioneered a way to house these tiny ant-sized bees (who have a flying range of just 500m) in small hives so the honey could be extracted without damaging the main part of the hive where brood (baby bees) are reared. 

Once a year, native beekeepers decide whether to split their hive (create two from one), or harvest the precious honey. In certain areas of NSW, a good season might mean just 500ml of this honey can be harvested. That's why Sugarbag honey is fast becoming known as the white truffle of the honey world.

There is much to love and appreciate about these bees and their honey, which is why the small amount of honey they produce is treasured.

Honeycomb Valley Farm commissioned glass artist Matthew Farrell to create limited edition hand-blown glass vessels to contain a precious 20ml of “sugarbag”, creating a unique vessell in which to house the honey. Art meets art.

We hope you are tempted to try this honey which offers a mouth-watering combination of flavours that is at once sweet, sour, zingy, lemony, eucalyptus-like, medicinal, and some say similar to fortified wine. But more so we hope it sparks your interest in learning more about Australia's more than 2000 species of native bee - and creating habitat and food for them in your own backyard.

*Please advise your favourite bottle shape. These are limited edition, custom-made bottles and each is unique. Availability dependent.


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