Solar Cooking & Sun Ovens

We started solar cooking a few years ago and just love it! We started off with a family-sized Global Sun Oven (which is about the same size as a microwave) and then went on to import the first Villager Sun Oven into Australia.  The Villager Sun Oven is transported on a trailer and can cook 30 loaves of bread an hour, hundreds and hundreds of cookies, quiches and pizzas for bus tour groups and we also use it to melt our beeswax. 

These ovens, so simple in concept, are perfect for use in Australia. In developing countries they help avert deforestation, minimise pollution, provide micro-enterprise solutions, reduce the cost of cooking fuel, and provide the facilities to sterilise water and medical equipment when power is not available. In Australia, they are used by people who are trying to minimise their carbon footprint, chefs who have discovered how amazing solar cooked food is, people wanting to avoid heating their kitchens during the hot days of summer and fishermen, National Parks campers and people in remote locations.

Click here if you'd like to watch a story Prime News did on the solar ovens.