We are so grateful to all the people who support our sustainable family farming adventure, whether it’s people who holiday with us at the farmstay, who join us on courses, visit us for fun bus tours or who enjoy our farm-made “Farmerceutical” skin care products, fresh honey and more. Here’s what some have had to say…

This is the most amazing stuff I've ever used! I keep finding new ways to use it. I actually keep it in the fridge all the time now, as it is very soothing on the skin. I used it on the area where I had radio-therapy and found it better than the recommended sorbolene. Also, if you have been out in the drying winds, it is wonderfully soothing and perks up the skin instantly.
H. Smith, Minimbah
Farm Balm
I have tried heaps of natural insect repellants, but this is the only one that keeps the mosquitos away! So now I don't have to worry about toxic substances being absorbed into my skin.
H. Smith, Minimbah
Bee Off Bugs Balm
I was part of the group who came out on Tuesday. My husband and I enjoyed the experience at your farm tremendously. Thank you for opening up to groups. I am also a member of 2 groups who have 20 seater buses, and I feel that some of the members would very much enjoy the experience we had.
I. Prindable, Forster
Group Tour
Fantastic course. Thanks so much for organising it Anna. Not only did we learn breadbaking from the adorable expert Lizzie, but we ate delicious food all day, and took home all the recipes, to get us inspired. (I now have a bowl big enough for all that rising!) Even if you only make 1 loaf of bread ever again, do the course, it feeds the tummy and the soul!
J. Kennedy, Dyers Crossing
Breadmaking Course
What a fun day! I thoroughly enjoyed the breadmaking course with Liz. We mixed, kneaded, baked and ate the day away! It is very satisfying to make a loaf of bread from scratch and I will now be confident to bake at home. It was so good to spend the day with friends and learn a valuable skill. Can't wait to attend the Sour Dough workshop!
Melissa Perkins, Nature's Harvest Nabiac
Breadmaking Course
What a lovely way to spend the day! Lizzy is very knowledge in her craftsmanship of bread making, and she makes it fun too! Thanks for a great day. p.s. What a awesome lunch , it was so delicious and all local fresh produces.
Sharon Doyle
Breadmaking Course
Thank you for the wonderful experience you gave us on our beekeeping course. We had a marvellous time and Rod was great. Very knowledgeable, very experienced and a pleasure to be with.
Jonathan & Juliet Kipps, Channel Islands
Beekeeping Course
I think you run a great show . Everyone really enjoyed it. I have to tell you that after 26 hrs in Nabiac doing the bees and staying at your farm ... I felt like l'd been away from Sydney and work for 3 weeks!
Lamorna Osborne, Sydney
Beekeeping Course
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Past farmstay guests
Smells and feels gorgeous, recommend product, thankyou.
Miss Em, bought on MadeIt
Farm Balm